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School Dashboard Additional Reports and Data

Access the following reports: the Five-by-Five Placement Reports, the College/Career Reports, the Graduation Rate Additional Report, the Participation Rate Report, the Student Groups Report, and District/Charter Performance by County Reports.
Note Regarding 2020 Reports: Senate Bill 98 suspended the reporting of state and local indicators on the 2020 California School Dashboard (Dashboard). However, state law requires that reliable and valid data that would have been included in the 2020 Dashboard to be reported. To meet this requirement, the Department has made available the College/Career Measures Report and Graduation Rate Additional Report on this web site. For more information on the data contained in the 2020 additional reports click here.
All other reports (e.g., Five-by-Five Placement, Participation Rate, Student Groups, and District/Charter Performance by County Reports) are not available for 2020.

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